26 March 2011

Time Keeps On Slipping...

Okay, so I haven't been an avid blogger lately. You'd be surprised at how much time a little one consumes and how little time you have left for other things! So, here's what's happening:

1) Winter is almost over (thank God!)
2) "Baby Cheese" is 6 months old, plus I turned the big 4-0 last month...yikes!
3) Work has been super busy. It's the "Year of Didrik" according to my boss... *heh*
4) I've decided to go the Facebook route instead of blogging as much.
5) We're at end-of-lease for "J" - our 2008 Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0T, so we leased a 2011 Honda CR-V EX.

That's all for now, see ya later! :)

12 December 2010

(Let It Snow!)*3

The Twin Cities got nailed with the biggest snowstorm since Halloween 1991. Up to 22" fell in the metro area yesterday. The wife and I trekked across the cities to pick up our daughter at her cousin's house in Champlin before the worst part hit with only 4" on the ground. Coming back, we found our driveway snowed over with 8" of white fluffy snow - and got stuck. After an hour and a half, I was able to dig my way back into the garage! We ended up with about 18" total when all was said and done. Here's a pic of what several of us had to deal with yesterday.

22 September 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Hello, world! Meet the newest addition to the family:

Solveig Grace Peterson
Born 9/19 @ 4:51 am
21.25" - 9 lb 2 oz
(it's pronounced SOL-vay in case you were wondering)

22 August 2010

Scooter Rally

I attended the Rattle My Bones scooter rally for the 2nd year in a row. Again, it was a lot of fun! Rode behind a '68 Lambretta that sounded and smelled like a weedwacker on steroids, but it was still a cool vintage ride. The couple that owned the '64 & '65 Honda 50s were there too and went on the first part of the Big Ride. Like me, they had issues getting up the hills. More cc's needed for that! Porter did get a lot of comments though, the only Passport in attendance this year! :)