29 October 2007

Traffic Delays

I was thinking today, while sitting in stop & go traffic, how much time the human population spends on waiting. While I'm sure there is a bunch of statistical information about just how much time we waste in certain holding patterns, I'll just let you think about the amount of time you spend on these:

- At stop lights
- The bus/train stop
- In line for coffee
- Deciding what to have for lunch
- Stuck in traffic
- For [insert name/relation here] to meet you
- To buy things at the store

Interesting, isn't it? I thought so...

25 October 2007

Death Warmed Over

What's better than coming back from vacation and almost instantaneously getting the worst cold ever?! Just about everything in my opinion...

Yesterday I had a sore throat and stuffy head, then last night I went to bed right after dinner and woke up at 2am - and couldn't breathe, started coughing, and that thing where you sneeze and cough at the same time?!?! WTF! *grrr*

I'm going to attempt to go to sleep now for the 5th time today.

24 October 2007

Coming to America

That's right, folks! We're back in the states after leaving way back on October 12th. Although I tried to keep updates on a regular basis, we were 'out in the vines' for the majority of our trip or I simply didn't have time to spend in front of the computer.

Here's a brief recap:
> Italy is wonderful - if you haven't gone yet, you should definitely start planning.
> Tuscany is gorgeous and should definitely be included in your planning.
> Roma, Siena, Firenze and Cinque Terre have more beauty & history than one could ever imagine!
> They don't call it Vatican City for nothing - it's enormous.
> Pop tastes better in Europe (real sugar) but it costs a lot lot more (sometimes $3.36/bottle)
> Bring additional memory cards and batteries for your digital camera - you'll need them.
> Scooters own the streets of Roma.
> You can easily go through two bottles of wine at dinner.

Over all, we had a great time with Heather and Adam on our trip to Europe. There were a few setbacks (like having our return flight cancelled) but we also got to meet Dave & Julie, some really nice people that we spent our last days with at the hotel/airport.

Now it's time to get back to reality...

17 October 2007

Alfa Romeo 1, Tuscana 0

Thankfully our tiny little Fiat rental car got upgraded for free to a Alfa Romeo 159 wagon. Its little turbo diesel engine and phenomenal handling got us from Rome to our new destination in Siena with little problems. From the terrain, however, we should have gotten an AWD truck...as the bottom of the car scraped on several gravel roads.

I will have to get a flickr account so I can post all the photos that I took - the scenery is more beautiful than one can imagine. We are currently in Siena proper, a history town with lots of shops and culture and magnificent architecture and history.

It beats Rome hands down...sorry, Roma - Siena is our new favorite and we have yet to visit Florence!

14 October 2007

Viva Italia!

We made it to Rome after countless hours on the plane. We ended up spending a lot of fun time in the airport in Amsterdam, and made it to Roma with just enough time to have dinner and drinks at the hotel ristorante. They hailed us a cab the following morning (a Mercedes) and the driver took us to our next destination and gave us a basic course in Italiano.

Then it was off to the Colosseum and we had a great time with several picture opportunities. Afterward, we did some streetwalking and soaked in the scene plus going to Capital Hill and the Roman Forum.

We made it back to the hotel via Metro and then Adam asked for a recommendation to a local establishment for dinner. We were directed to "La Barca" which was ever-so-friendly and the food was excellente!

Now we're back - and I'm blogging - and we're not exactly sober, but what the heck. ;) Tomorrow we're hitting the Vatican for some good ol' reformation. *heh*

13 October 2007

Almost missed our flight...

So, we got to the airport and needed dinner in a desperate fashion - of course we went to Ike's! The only problem was that we didn't realize our flight time was shorter than originally thought, and we were fortunately the last ones to board the plane. *heh*

We're now in Amsterdam, enjoying the culture and scenery. 15min of Internet for 3 euro...not too shabby!

Favorite quote so far: "Attention, Mr. & Mrs. Smith - you are delaying your flight. Please approach the gate immediately or we will proceed to unload your luggage."

12 October 2007

That's What I'm Talkin'...A Boot!

So, in about 15 minutes we're headed to the airport for a well-deserved trip to Italy. Adam & Heather are on their way to the airport and will meet us there. All of us are so excited and can hardly wait to get there!

Maybe I'll get a chance to blog while traversing the Italian wilderness...
Addio, amici! =)

07 October 2007

She Did It ! ! !

I'm proud to announce that my terrific Wifey finished the Twin Cities Marathon today. She looked awesome at the four checkpoints I saw her and as well at the finish line. Great job, sweetie! =)