27 June 2008

Back to the 50's

This past weekend my parents came up for a visit. I made it worth their while by scheduling it for the Back to the 50's weekend, as my dad has always been a car nut and mom has taken an interest as well. We spent the majority of the day on Saturday looking at old classics, hot rods and custom kit-cars. There was also an auction so we could see what our favorites were going for. We had a great time!

18 June 2008

The Brick Testament

Every once in awhile someone really cool throws something my way. This time the Moose Call Queen of M'waukee tells me of The Brick Testament - where someone with a LOT of time on their hands illustrates sections of the Bible with LEGO people. The wife told me that they're not really the most common stories either, which makes it even more interesting. Thanks, Karen! =)

17 June 2008

Summer: Free Time Not Included

Isn't summer supposed to be when you relax, have fun and spend a lot of time doing whatever you want? Instead it seems that everything gets jam-packed into whatever free time you have left. How I miss my childhood days when there wasn't any agenda...between work and the majority of our weekends being filled, I'm almost wishing it was winter again!

11 June 2008

LEGO Indiana Jones

Last week I picked up a new video game. I am not, by any means, an avid gamer - however, I do like wasting time with interesting distractions from time to time. When the LEGO Star Wars (and LSWII) came out, they were interesting enough to spend hours at a time in front of the LCD screen so I figured this would be as well. It was! I already finished the first episode in just a few days of playing, though I do need to go back and do it all over again with various characters in Free Play.

08 June 2008

Magical Layout

I have nothing exciting to say, so I'll just not that for some reason my blog title "magically" started being listed twice. Look to the left - see? If it's not duplicated, it means I fixed it already.