31 January 2010

Lego Batman - 100% Complete!

I finished Lego Batman on my trusty ol' PS2 last night. I know, it's not the toughest game in the world but it is time consuming at least. There were a few levels that had some tricks I hadn't seen in previous games (Star Wars, Indiana Jones - both Lego editions).

I only had to use Internet for help once - and that was only because my TV contrast was off, which prevented me from seeing the exit for a certain section. That was pretty silly!

I have a couple of months before Lego Harry Potter comes out, so that will give me a little break from the clickity-clack for a while.

Stupid Cold

I caught a cold two weeks ago. While it seemed as though it had gone away, it came back with a vengeance early this past week. This does not make Loki happy - not one bit. I think it's finally starting to subside, as it has moved from my head to my chest. Elizabeth didn't like hearing me cough all the time but that too is finally starting to become more and more infrequent. Here's to plenty of OJ! =)

25 January 2010

The Saints Go Marchin'

I'm very confident that the commute into work and hallways outside my office will be relatively quiet today. After the Vikings lost to the Saints in OT, if I do hear any talk about the Vikings it will likely be 'if that one play' or 'if that one call' or 'if Brett didn't throw that Interception' or something else like it.

Being a Packers fan, I was cheering for the Saints the entire game. Now they're off to the Super Bowl! I'll be cheering for them again in hopes they play as well against Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. It'd be nice to see a team that's never made it that far come away with a victory!

23 January 2010

Next Blog...

So, every once in awhile I click on the 'Next Blog' link at the top of this page. Sometimes it takes me to interesting places, others not so exciting and bland, occasionally I'll hit a blog in a foreign language written by a 12-year-old.

But tonight was different. I clicked and got a cyclist blog. As in bicycle. While that would sometimes interest me (as I have a few bike geek buddies) it wasn't something I wanted to see. So I clicked again - and another bike blog.

This happened 12 times in a row! I always thought that link was random? Guess not...

16 January 2010

Disney World Marathon

Elizabeth had always wanted to run the marathon at Disney. This past week, she did just that! It was probably one of the coldest Disney World Marathons on record, too. We did not get the nice warm FL weather - it even snowed early in the morning on Saturday and there was ice on race day with temperatures in the 20's! Nonetheless, we still had a great time.