31 January 2007

The 'Mystery Box'

Okay, so I said I wasn't going to post about work - but this is kinda neat, so I'm breaking my own rule. Why? Because I can - it's my blog after all!

We have an Incentive Program in our department. It's just a chance for the staff to get cool stuff for doing a good job. Things like free lunches, extra time off and the 'Mystery Box' drawing - where they pick a number and get a prize. When the 'box' empties I have to buy stuff to refill it, usually from Target but sometimes I find things elsewhere that get thrown in. I also ask the staff for suggestions... getting back ideas ranging from a plunger to an Xbox 360.

The prizes aren't anything super-duper expensive or flashy - just something fun to do at their desk or take home and say "look what I got!"

28 January 2007

Old Man Winter: Make Up Your Mind!

Okay, so I live in Minnesota - and winter is really winter-like (colder, snow, etc.) most years. Not this one. It has been really mild, hardly any snow, lots of rain, and every once in awhile we get this burst of arctic air that freezes our insides solid.

I just wish it would be consistent...is that too much to ask?

27 January 2007

Go on, just one pull...

This is addicting, neat, well-done...and downright silly!

26 January 2007

Riding The Rails

Mass Transit is very entertaining. When I first started working in downtown Minneapolis, I took the bus from a pretty decent suburb. We were all 'commuters' and although there weren't any freaks aboard, there were some pretty quirky people...who thought they had assigned seating, who sneered at people with headphones, who glared at you if you spoke a single word.

Then I moved to closer into the city and took the bus from the Mall of America. Sure, the 'commuters' were there as well - and so were the crazy people who argued with their own reflection in the window, shortly before getting off the bus and screaming at trees (and no, I'm -not- kidding).

Then came light rail, feared as the biggest waste of taxpayer dough - now 22 double cars strong and jam-packed during rush hour, sporting events and the Holidazzle Parade. Everyone from all over the world takes the train. After all, it goes to the Mall (hey, that rhymes!). The homeless hang out on it, making their rounds begging for change at different stations. High School kids use it to get to MOA (making out, talking 'gangsta', etc), college hipsters go half-way and connect to their bus, but today I saw something that will forever be burned into memory...

I saw a man pull a 'shorty' (8-oz. can of Budweiser) out of his lunch bag and start drinking, finishing in 3-4 decent swigs. This was at 4:20pm, with no fear of getting called out or seen by the hidden cameras. Of course, I couldn't remain silent - and asked him if it was, indeed, a 'shorty' of Bud that I saw him with.

He replied, "Yeah..." with a sense of pride and 'i-don't-care-ism' and then exited at his stop. I think I've now seen it all...

24 January 2007

Sense: Common v. Good

I've been meaning to post about this a while ago but something shiny caught my eye and I completely forgot about it. It's a 'thinker' so my apologies for those who haven't had their stimulative beverage yet...

First, there is Common Sense. A lot of people tend to use this term for describing what is (or should be) right, ethical, or commonly known to people in general. The dictionary defines it as '
sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.'

In comparison, there is Good Sense. Basically a synonym of the aforementioned term, but not quite - as it is defined as
'sound practical judgment; "Common sense is not so common"...' To me, good sense is what would seem to be logical.

I blame N8 for this entirely, but thank him nonetheless: I now have to stop and think about which term I should use when discussing how some people are just inept. Doing something that is logical isn't necessarily common and a lot of people in society do things in common that aren't really all that good.

21 January 2007

If I Were an M&M...

It's amazing the kinds of cool stuff you'll find linked on other people's blogs. Make your own M&M here! I attempted to make this one look like me. Well, kinda...as I don't go around smiling like that all the time. And, I'm not red. But you get the point (and that's to have fun, ya goof)!

19 January 2007

I have a nephew!

My sister- and brother-in-law are the proud parents to William, born yesterday at 2:22pm. Will's older two-year-old sister, Allison, was excited about the new baby...but now looks really puzzled when he starts crying. It's oh-so-cute!

14 January 2007

And on the 7th day...

This weekend the wife and I went to Eau Claire to drop off and set up items for the Silent Auction. It's one of the many fundraisers the in-laws' church throws for their annual mission trip to Jamaica. Elizabeth is a veteran, and I'm happy to help support this good cause. Maybe some year I'll actually go with them. Now it's time to rest...

08 January 2007

Elvis & His Accordion

Last week, my wife suggested that we call up Adam & Heather to see if they wanted to go out sometime for dinner with us. I called up Adam on Friday and they said we should go to Mancini's...and we did...and man, was it good!

I had only been there for drinks with friends and for a bachelor party. My wife hadn't been there at all, so dinner there was a new experience for both of us. We had a great time with Heather and Adam as we got caught up on what's been going on with everyone. We even talked about possible vacation plans.

As we were leaving, Adam caught the band playing and we ended up in the lounge for after-dinner drinks. One of the band members did a good impersonation of Elvis, and he played the accordion...which was a wacky combination! All in all, it was a great night out!

01 January 2007