28 September 2008

117 mpg!

On Saturday I decided to find out how long it would take me to get from home to Lake Calhoun, using only back streets since I was riding Porter (the scooter). It took about 54 minutes to get to the Caribou on Excelsior - not bad, as I had given myself an hour to get there. On the way back, Porter started to sputter and lose speed...time to switch over to the Reserve tank and find the nearest gas station!

After filling up with 3/4 gallon of premium petrol (a whopping $2.76) I calculated the gas mileage - and was quite pleased at the 117.33 mpg I received! That definitely makes the scooter a fun weekend hobby. =)

20 September 2008

Almost Packed

The wife and I are leaving town for a few days. She has a business-related trip that lands her about an hour away from my parents' farm. So, I decided to go with to keep her company on the five-hour drive - and then I'll hang out with the cows for a few days. =)

Zoot Scootin' Riot

I took my Motorcycle Permit exam yesterday morning before work, passing with flying colors. So of course, today I had to get out on the streets with Porter (the name of our '81 Honda Passport) and scoot around town...and then a few other towns as well! =)

Some things that I've forgotten since my youthful days of motorcycling:
- Bugs hurt! (even at 30 mph)
- You seem to notice the smell of car exhaust more.
- A 70cc engine does not like to get you up hills quickly.
- Your butt starts to hurt after a couple hours of riding!

All that aside, it was a lot of fun tooling around town this morning. Porter got a great break-in and filling up is very nice on the wallet, with a whopping $2.76 for .73 gallons! =)

17 September 2008

Summer in September

The weather has been absolutely terrific this week! Temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's, warm sunny days, cool breezy nights - simply wonderful. I went for a walk after work this evening and even with shorts on it was pretty warm. Tomorrow I shall go for a ride on my scooter! *sweeet*

11 September 2008

Pendulum - "Other Side"

When we were in Italy last year with Adam & Heather, we caught some music videos on Italy's national MTV-alike called AllMusic. Every once in awhile I visit their stream on the web and see things I normally wouldn't have in my own bubble.

Check these Aussie guys out - they're pretty cool:

Hey Mom, Look!

I stumbled upon this site yesterday and thought I should share:

Passive-Aggressive (and just plain Aggressive) Notes

This kind of stuff makes me chuckle. If you go back far enough you'll find some pretty strange stuff in the land of written communication! =)

09 September 2008

Go Pack Go!

The 2008 NFL season kicked off this past weekend and I'm pleased to announce that the Green Bay Packers won their first game against the Minnesota Vikings. Yay!!! I'm really proud of my fellow fans who were at the game last night at Lambeau Field - some of them had signs that supported Aaron Rodgers (our new QB) and others that said they still love Favre. All of them, however, were cheering on the Packers the entire game. Even though I was still deathly ill, I cheered along with them - with a really hoarse voice and coughing a few times afterward.

06 September 2008

Week In Review

It has been a while since my last post, but things have been a little busy so you know how it works - yes, the blog gets pushed to the back of the pile. Anyway, Labor Day weekend was excellent! It started off with the wife and I's usual Friday night trivia outing at Majors. I met my friend Miranda for coffee the next morning for our weekly hangout at Caribou Coffee. I was going to get my Motorcycle permit but everything was closed due to the holiday weekend.

Wifey and I then headed "up north" to her sister's cabin for the weekend, both to see the cabin for the first time and to spend time with family as we celebrate her sister's birthday. We had a great time! On Sunday we went to a winery in McGregor, MN - a town that I had been to a long long time ago. It was weird seeing it again as an adult! I wanted to drive by my uncle's cabin at a nearby lake but we didn't have time and I didn't know exactly where it was. We later spent the evening at our brother-in-law's parents lake house and had a splendid dinner and great conversation.

This week, Elizabeth's Dad stayed with us for a couple of nights. He offered to make us dinner and we gladly accepted. It was nice to have him stay with us.

I'm starting to come down with a cold. Hopefully it won't get too annoying with it's scratchy throat and stuffy nose. I'm not a big fan of being sick. = P