29 June 2006

What kind of cookie am I?

You Are a Black and White Cookie
You're often conflicted in life, and you feel pulled in two opposite directions. When you're good, you're sweet as sugar. And when you're bad, you're wicked!

28 June 2006

Ray Gun - "Smart Ray" Gun

Have you ever wondered how people can be so idiotic sometimes? Whether in line at the grocery store, driving down the street, in the workplace, on a bus/train or whatever...the stoopit ones are everywhere. My solution? A "smart ray" gun! Whenever you encounter someone being an id10t, simply aim and fire - a wave of intelligence surrounds them and the stupidity issue is resolved! Patent pending...

26 June 2006

Bachelor Weekend

Elizabeth left for CA on Thursday to spend some time in the sun with her cousins at Palm Beach. That left me to my own devices for 5 days! I had a great bachelor weekend, hanging out with friends and having no schedule whatsoever. On Friday, I did happy hour and dinner with friends, then went out for a couple of drinks with N8. Saturday, I went to the annual "Back to the 50's" car show, hung out in a hot tub for 3 hours, and went clubbing. Sunday I went shopping and watched Sci-Fi. Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend! I miss my sweetie, though...good thing she comes home tonight!

20 June 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Things are getting really busy. Every weekend left this summer has plans attached to it! I can remember when (not too long ago, even) there was absolutely nothing happening. Strange...

16 June 2006


This weekend, we'll be heading down to my old stomping grounds for a family reunion. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) will be there. Usually we get together for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but a bunch of us thought it would be good to hang out when it's nice out for a change. So, pool party at my parents followed by bonfire at my aunt Mary and uncle Kev's place. S'mores! =)

13 June 2006

"Decoration Purpose Only"

Last week I volunteered some of my work time to sit at a company-sponsored career festival. I sat at a table with other managers and answered questions about Information Technology. Human Resources gave each of us a silver bucket filled with candy - way cool!

Today I looked at the bottom of the bucket...there was a sticker that read: "Decoration Purpose Only"

Somewhere a lawyer sits at his desk and comes up with this crap! Obviously, this is a necessary step in production because someone might try to use the bucket for something else - and then file a lawsuit because nobody told them a bucket couldn't perform to their expectations.

The bucket has star-shaped holes punched out just under the rim. It's obviously for decoration. You can't pour anything with it without spilling. You can't fill it to the rim without leaking. It's simply a nice looking bucket!

12 June 2006

Paying a visit...

My sister is coming to town! Partially to visit friends and relatives, and partly to show her boyfriend what the Twin Cities has to offer. I'm sure fun will be had by all.

08 June 2006

Online Predators are Stoopit

Last night Elizabeth and I watched Dateline NBC's special about online predators. They had teamed up with a police unit who lured predators to a house by posing as teens on chat sites - but when the predators got there, they found Dateline and were interviewed and arrested. Some of the offenders had even seen the "To Catch A Predator" special on TV previously! This leads me to the following conclusions:

1) Adults who believe that intimate relations with kids is 'okay' are idiots.
2) Kids spend too much time online and at weird hours of the night.
3) Some parents obviously aren't doing a very good job.

Sometimes the world is a pretty dumb place...

05 June 2006

Short-lived 'puter

I decided it was time to finally upgrade from my P3-500 to something a little more modern and speedy. Since you can now buy a PC for under $1K that's just as good as one you can build, I chose the easier route and bought my first Dell Dimension E510. It screamed! And, I had spent several hours migrating data off of my old PC before wiping it clean and letting a friend have it.

I was going to create a backup once I was finished with my initial tweaking. I never got the chance...

Friday 5/26: Shut down system to head up north for the annual "SBH Classic"
Monday 5/29: Came home and powered on system - and got "Disk Read Error"...the HD clunked twice.


I'm now re-installing everything that I had from my previous backup.

01 June 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

The supposedly "last" X-Men movie is definitely a must-see. I'm not sure I've ever saw a sci-fi picture with that much action in it before, and if I have it isn't coming to mind at this moment. The effects in this flick are killer - literally. (you'll understand once you see it) Rating: **** out of 5.