30 June 2007

Dahdunt Dahdunt Dahdunt...

When I first heard the rumors going around about making another Knight Rider movie, I thought they were joking. Then I saw this:

...which is kinda freaky, but still pretty cool for us sci-fi car geeks who watched every episode back in the 80's. I just hope it's not anything stupid like Knight Rider 2000 (or 2010, for that matter!).

Still Molting

I hadn't been sunburned that bad in quite some time. Good thing it's only on my arms & neck, otherwise it would've be a lot worse. My arms are now shedding like a snake and feel like leather. *eww*

29 June 2007

Soooooo Tired

I've been extremely tired this week. The good thing is that I'm sleeping well (read: DEAD) every night. However, I think that doing the work of two additional people is starting to take its toll. No worries though - I'm still surviving and at least I'm not bored. =)

24 June 2007

The Return of "Lobster Boy"

I went to the "Back to the 50's" car show yesterday. Over 12,000 cars to wander by and gawk at, which is always a lot of fun. When I attended last year, I stumbled upon the classic car auction - and stayed there for about 3 hours (mostly because it was raining). This year, I actually made a point to visit again and grabbed a green sheet...checking out the times various beauties were going up for bid.

The first shocker was a 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 6-pack: $52,000
The second was a 1970 Plymouth Hemicuda w/ 43k original miles: $250,000!!!
The third was the fact that the 'Cuda didn't sell - the owner wanted 300+ for it...


I'm a car enthusiast, but still - $300k could buy a really decent house in the Twin Cities. I'm not sure I would spend that on a car, even if I had that kind of money!

I almost forgot the point of this post's title. I was at the show for ~5 hours. I'm of Norwegian descent, so you can pretty much guess the rest. Sunscreen and sticking to the shade didn't help much, either. =/

22 June 2007

One Long Week

An observation of a different sort, this time - an internal one. This past week has been the busiest and most exhausting that I can recall.

1) I caught a cold - a nasty head cold or sinus infection or some alien goo grew inside my head.
2) Life at work was quite hellish, too - all systems decided to puke at the same time.
3) Because of #1, I managed to only get about 5 hours of sleep in two days.
4) #3 happened during the two days mentioned in #2.
5) My cousin came to town, only for a day, but we still had fun.
6) We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday.
7) I went shopping with the wife so she could get new stuff for her trip to CA.
8) I got up early to take wifey to the airport.
9) My good friend/ex-roomie/neighbor and I hung out.
10) I hung out with co-workers for happy hour.

I know there's something else I missed, but I'm just going to stop there...and my weekend hasn't even started yet! *grin*

17 June 2007

Party Weekend

This weekend seemed like party central, as there was much to celebrate. On Friday, one of my employees had an after work Happy Hour to celebrate his promotion to another department. It was also N8's birthday, so of course I had to hang out with him at the local watering hole for a couple drinks with the yokels. Saturday was yet another b-day celebration for Gwen, which was Asian-themed and very cool. We went with Adam & Heather, and it was a lot of fun hanging out with that group of friends again.

And of course today is Father's Day - so I called dear old Dad to wish him well.

09 June 2007

I'm Wide Awake...It's Morning

This morning I woke up at 6:43am and there wasn't a blasted thing I could do to make myself fall asleep again. I fondly recall the "good ol' days" where I could sleep until 9 or 10am without difficulty. It's almost 9:30 now, and I'm showered & dressed and have nowhere to go.

Wifey is still in bed...and I'm jealous.

04 June 2007

Sunday "Fun"-due

Adam & Heather called up this weekend and wanted to hang out. We ended up going to their place for fondue and it was most excellent. We brought a bottle of wine ("Eric The Red" from Galena Cellars) and it was gone almost immediately. We went "all out" with steak, chicken and shrimp...all of which were cleaned up by the end of the meal. For dessert, Adam made banana bread for the first time (yum!) and Heather put together some fresh fruit for the gals. Both desserts were topped with whipped cream...yummy!

We also watched a movie - and it was the guys' turn to pick, even though Elizabeth and Heather tried their best to persuade us into something they wanted. Adam and I held our ground, and we chose a sci-fi comedy starring Robert Urich titled "The Ice Pirates." It was funny and stupid, but that's what we wanted.

I'm a little frightened at what might come of that choice, but we'll have to find out next time!

02 June 2007

Saturday Night Fever

You know you're old when you spend your Saturday night cleaning the house. Not that I'm complaining, since I don't know what else to do and the wife was out at a bridal shower. Still, ten years ago the activity never would have crossed my mind.

Funny how you simply don't care about things as you get older.