22 August 2010

Scooter Rally

I attended the Rattle My Bones scooter rally for the 2nd year in a row. Again, it was a lot of fun! Rode behind a '68 Lambretta that sounded and smelled like a weedwacker on steroids, but it was still a cool vintage ride. The couple that owned the '64 & '65 Honda 50s were there too and went on the first part of the Big Ride. Like me, they had issues getting up the hills. More cc's needed for that! Porter did get a lot of comments though, the only Passport in attendance this year! :)

09 August 2010

Baking in the Shade

It's that time of the year again when I wonder why I didn't move to Alaska. It got up to 97F today. That's just insane. Add some humidity to the mix, and you've got Atlanta - or New Orleans - or Miami - but no, this is MN. No sir, I don't like it!