27 March 2008

Farewell to Jeeves

Well, I've decided to retire from Camp Jeep and go with something that gets more than 16mpg around town. Wifey and I will pick up our brand-spanking-new 2008 Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0T this Saturday. Yes, that makes us a 2-Jetta family...but that's okay. The two are similar in name only. This car literally rockets down the road, so I can't wait to have something sporty and fun to drive again. Now to find that winding country road...

Since it was Elizabeth's turn to get a new car next she'll decide whether she wants to give up her 2003 Jetta (aka "Red") or take the new one. We also have to figure out our new car's name. I have a few suggestions, but Wifey said we have to wait until we experience the car a little more first.

16 March 2008

What I Saw

On our way home from the Outlaws in Brooklyn Park, I spotted a silver minivan. With a Def Leppard sticker on the tailgate. And no, this was not some beat-up clunker used by teenagers...this was a real minivan with a real family inside! It was kinda freaky...

14 March 2008

The Bicyclists

Today after work I went out to Happy Hour with my friends Jason and Anneka plus a few of their friends (Jason, Justin, and Bjorn). I refer to them as The Bicyclists. They're as geeky and techie (if not more) about self-propelled two-wheelers as some tekkies are about computers. I also brought Drew, a friend & co-worker with me to witness the phenomenon and he definitely agrees. Aside from the bike stuff, they're a pretty funny group of individuals. I always enjoy an evening with them!

08 March 2008

Proposition 3-17: Sign The Petition!

I'm not Irish, but I am Norwegian...and my ancestors could have been Vikings and helped create the Irish heritage. But anyway, I really like the St. Patrick's Day holiday (and I love Guinness) - why not make it official?

Sign the petition to make it an official holiday. Just do it, already...stop arguing!

Spring Is In The Air?!?!

Don't get me wrong - I love living in the upper Midwest where we actually get all four seasons. I'm a big fan of huge amounts of snow, downhill skiing, making snowmen and forts in the yard (yes, even as an adult). However, this winter we've had more than our fair share of frigid cold snaps - I think we're up to 6 of them. Usually we have 1 or 2, and although it's unpleasant it usually doesn't bother me.

I'm now fed up with this cold weather. No, I'm not talking about 20-30 degrees -- I'm referring to the -2 reading on the Jeep after pulling out of the garage yesterday to go to work. It's -2 again right now, and I shouldn't be saying this in March...these are January terms.

01 March 2008

Back to Normal

I think I finally kicked the bug out of my system this week. However, my lungs are still gurgly and it makes for some interesting noises. Wifey says that I sound like Darth Vader. I don't think so, because his mechanical lung didn't have a bunch of goo lodged in it. Sounds completely different. =)