25 January 2009

No Rest for the Wicked

Last time I checked, the weekends are for sleeping in as long as you want to (or can) because there's not really anything to get up early for. We don't have kids yet - this is supposed to be to our advantage! So what's up with this:

Saturday: Woke up bright-eyed & bushy-tailed at 5:35 (for no reason whatsoever).
Sunday: Phone beeped at 6:20 (a work thing) and I couldn't fall back asleep.

That's 10 hours of sleep in two nights, folks. Not cool!

24 January 2009

My First Root Canal

They say it happens to everyone. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have now joined the Root Canal Club! It all started a couple days after Christmas when it hurt to chew on one side of my mouth. Then my formerly crowned tooth became extremely sensitive to temperature. Finally toothaches. Ouch!

Upon visiting the dentist, he mentioned that I might need a root canal. I've heard the stories. The pain, the agony, the drilling and scraping. I wasn't all that excited about it. The dentist made some adjustments to my bite by grinding off a little of the crown and the toothaches went away. I was praying for the best.....but no! I had been scheduled for a root canal.

Surprisingly, the entire experience was a positive one! They shot me full of five different types of Novocaine, tested with liquid nitrogen to make sure I wouldn't feel anything and explained every step as they went along. Metro Dental Care rocks! They even called me the day after to see if I had any questions and if I was feeling okay.

Now I can eat normal again. *YAY*
(image is of The Tooth Stool, designed by Philippe Starck)

21 January 2009

Heat Wave!

So, Old Man Winter really stuck it to us last week - temps were as cold as 25 degrees below zero on some mornings, making the daily commute quite a pain in the arse. It was so cold that you could spit ice cubes!

This week, however, has been quite pleasurable and mild - for January, anyway. Temps are about 50 degrees warmer than last week (that's 25 above zero, folks!). I was able to clear the snow, slush and ice off my driveway today. Maybe now my garage will stay clean...

08 January 2009

Old Man Winter

We're supposedly going to get a decent amount of snow tonight and tomorrow, with 2-5 inches of white fluffy goodness expected. This is a good thing - I like snow!

The problem is that next week it'll be really freakishly cold. We're talking highs of zero and sometimes below that. This is what I don't like about winter and living in Minnesota. Highs in the 20's are fine. Highs with negative numbers aren't.

Old Man Winter should make up his mind. This up & down stuff is for the penguins!

Update: We didn't get more than a light dusting. Go figure!