21 April 2008


This is just plain weird. Cool, but weird...

16 April 2008

Refreshed & Relaxed

The wife and I made it back late last night from our vacation in Mexico. We had a great time relaxing by the pool, splashing in the ocean, soaking up some rays (too many for me) and going on a tour of Chichen Itza. The resort we stayed at on the Mayan Riviera was Barcelo, in which we stayed at the newest addition called Maya Palace. They had great amenities and really good food and drinks. The service was good, but mixed depending on where you went. Nothing terrible, though - as we're pretty laid back. All in all it was a good five days of much needed lounging. Now it's time to get back to reality!

08 April 2008

Wifey Rocks!

In case you haven't heard, my wife has been offered a job with a publishing company in downtown Minneapolis! Way to go, sweetie! =) She's really excited and is happy to be moving on from her life (literally) at the YMCA. And since we'll be working similar hours, Elizabeth can start hanging out with us cool kids on the LRT! The occasional lunch and happy hour will also be much easier for us to accomplish with only three blocks between us. =)

Congratulations, Wifey! Your family and friends are proud of you!

06 April 2008

Heartfelt Passion or Lollipop?

My friend Miranda and I met for coffee on Saturday and got into the topic of automotive logos. She said that she really liked her Mazda logo on her CX-7, but that her husband's car was an older Mazda with a logo that looked really strange. The logo is shown on the right. It's a 2nd-generation logo that shows a flame inside of a sun, representing heartfelt passion. Miranda thought it looked more like a lollipop. Since the car was pretty beat up, we thought it would be better to call it a sucker. =)