30 May 2006

Gone Fishin'

Every year my friends and I spend Memorial Day weekend fishing near Alexandria, MN. It's a great little resort that's family owned and operated. Originally I didn't fish, but just went to spend time with friends and get out on the lake - but curiosity killed the carp, and I've been a fisherman now for the past 4 years. Different people join us every year to fish, drink, play games and be merry. This year was no exception, however we're now a lot older than we were 9 years ago when this tradition started.

I've made a few observations of this past weekend - you pretty much get it or you don't:
- Children under the age of 3 walk with the weight of an elephant
- Recovery from a night of consumption takes twice as long as it did 5 years prior
- As people get older, they complain more when things happen outside of their routine.
- An eelpout is one ugly fish.
- Resort cabins are made with thin walls and no insulation.
- A bonfire brings out the best conversation topics.

I hope that your weekend was equally as relaxing and enjoyable. We all had a great time!

22 May 2006

Imagine that

Apparently my life is pretty good (7.8/10)...they even asked me how I do it! What's this world coming to, anyway? Something smells fishy about this rating...

This Is My Life, Rated
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...especially when a C+/B- average is considered to be something noteworthy!

21 May 2006


Last night, we had Adam and Heather over for dinner. Everyone had a great time! Elizabeth made a delicious salad and prepared fondue. Chicken, steak and potatoes for the main course - chocolate fondue with cake, marshmallows, bananas and strawberries for dessert. We all loved it - and promised to set up a date for The Melting Pot sometime this summer. The Kooyers are awesome people, and it was a lot of fun to hang out with them again!!

18 May 2006

Ribbon Me This...

I have a great first 'actual post' topic - those stupid ribbon magnets people have on their cars. I hate ribbon magnets! And here are a few reasons why:
> People buy them to support a current something-or-other, thinking that their $3 will go to that group...when it's actually .001% and goes to another group entirely.
> People have more than one on their vehicle. Sometimes different causes, sometimes re-iterations of the SAME THING!
> People not only put them on the back of their car...but on the sides, top and even hood (yes, HOOD)! Saturn owners are especially guilty of this (plastic body panels).
> People never remove them, even if they're faded to the point of obscurity. It's similar to flying a flag that is tattered and torn - take pride in your pride, will ya?

This does not mean that I do not support these causes. I do - but I'm not obnoxious about it.

That is all for now...


Welcome to Loki's very first blog! I've been putting this off for what seems like forever...but it's time I join the 21st century. I have a new computer so I might as well use the blasted thing, right? Of course I'm right! =)