27 December 2007

Christmas Wrap

This year was my first Christmas away from my family. My parents decided to fly out to Portland to visit my sister for the holiday, so I spent the entire time with my wife and her family. I guess we're all family, but you figure out how to say it and let me know. ;)

Christmas was great as usual. The wife and I had a relaxing time at her parents house, planning and prepping for "Little Christmas" (a party thrown for friends every year on 12/23), going to church on Christmas Eve for the candlelight service, putting presents under the tree and playing with the niece and nephew. Our trip finished up with the annual Nachos Navidad. Later, we went to see a movie with Elizabeth's sister Georgia and her husband Brian.

This year was even more special, as Elizabeth was asked to preach in all three services at her home church on Sunday. She did a stellar job (of course) and she received several compliments from family, friends and members of the congregation.

Overall, it was a very Merry Christmas - hope yours was as well!

19 December 2007

Christmas Shopping: Done!

Well, almost anyway. There were a couple of things that I couldn't buy - simply because I know I was getting ripped off and just wasn't able to justify spending that much for that thing. Anyway, my 2nd Annual WBC (Wednesday Before Christmas) shopping experience went off without a hitch. My secret? I start off at 8am! Nobody is in the stores...it's great! =)

14 December 2007

It's a Small Small World

Okay, so after work today I ended up doing happy hour with Jason & Anneka (and a few other bikers* at Acadia Cafe). They were going to the British Television Advertising Awards and had an extra ticket, so Anneka invited me to come with. The commercials were terrific!

Afterwards, they were getting ready to brave the cold and bike home. Then someone extremely familiar stopped and said 'hi' to them. Lo and behold, it was Dana - who used to be the favorite waitress of my roommates and I about 10 years ago at Perkins. She knew them from being a biker herself. Different circles collide, etcetera, etc. *Note: these are 'real' bikers that pedal, not the kind that ride to Sturgis!

As we were catching up, my ex-roommate and friend Josh walked by - who currently lives in Pennsylvania, and was only in town for a couple of days to visit his sister.

It's a small world after all!

10 December 2007

Two Years!

My wife and I celebrate our two-year anniversary today. Originally, we had planned on spending an extended weekend around the area where we got married in SW Wisconsin. We were going to spend some time with family, do some shopping in Galena, IL and stay the night at a B&B...

That all changed when the wife went on eBay and bought tickets to yesterday's Packers game at Lambeau Field! Due to the arrangements of the purchase, the tickets wouldn't make it here by mail in time before we left for the weekend. So, we drove a little extra to pick them up in person. Then, after spending a day or so with my parents, we trekked up toward Green Bay for some football!

After spending the night in Appleton, we followed the masses right up to the stadium - turned left, and ended up parking in a local resident's yard for $10 (some lawns were in the $22 range). A three block walk got us to the gate. We had a great time at the game and didn't even get that cold. It did get a bit chilly when the clouds blocked out the sun, but with all the crowd 'packed' in tight it was really nice overall.

Today, I'm enjoying my time off - the wife was jealous because she didn't take it off and had to go to work. I'll do some shopping today and find her a good anniversary present. ;)

02 December 2007

Work isn't just for Work anymore

This weekend I was required to take some things home for work to have done by Monday. Normally, this isn't something worth blogging about - however, I make it a point to not let work life and personal/family life intertwine.

But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I love what I do, but I don't like taking things home with me. It was surprising how focused I was, though.

Back to the 'official' grind tomorrow! =)

Let It Snow!

It was all the excitement late last week - a big winter storm was coming to drop as much as a foot of snow this weekend. Well, the storm came and dumped a bunch of gorgeous winter whiteness. We got about 6" in our area - perfect! I can't wait to go skiing!