31 January 2008

CD's Untimely Demise

Apparently the compact disc (CD) has been pronounced dead. It was only 25 years old! I'm not sure what that means for those who, like myself, have several hundred of them displayed prominently in our homes. Should we have a visitation (my media is not Catholic) so loved ones can get one last glimpse? What about a burial? Funeral Pyre?

Why wasn't this covered on the news earlier?
How come we're only finding out about it now?!?!

Rest In Peace, beloved shiny object of musical glory.
Compact Disc (1982-2007)

29 January 2008

I survived!

Last week, I had the "opportunity" to attend an after-work training class for ITIL Foundations certification. The class started at 16:30 and lasted 4-5 hours each weeknight. This was on top of an already packed 40+ hour work week.

So that's why there have been no witty posts lately. My brain went dead, but I somehow came out of it alive...and in 4-6 weeks I'll have the results on whether or not it was worth my time. *heh*

20 January 2008

Better Luck Next Year

Well, the Packers made a great attempt but didn't quite make it. The NY Giants won by a field goal in OT, so hopefully Eli can get his ring after all. However, part of me would like to see the Patriots have an undefeated season. Two weeks will tell.

19 January 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Upon arriving at Caribou Coffee this morning, I checked the on-board thermometer in Jeeves (my Jeep Liberty). This is what it said:

...I almost didn't want to get out! =)

13 January 2008

Bring On The Giants!

It started out pretty darn awful, but turned into one of the best games ever for our favorite NFL team. An extra bonus of a gorgeous snowstorm made things even that much better...

Not only did the beloved Green Bay Packers win against Seattle, but the New York Giants played a great game and beat the Dallas Cowboys! That means that the NFC Championship Game will be held at good ol' Lambeau Field...and Elizabeth and I are really ecstatic! *wooHOO* Go Pack Go! =)

08 January 2008

Ever wonder...

...what would happen if you were to Google a simple word (like 'huh') and click the "I'm feeling lucky" button? Something really hilarious, that's what!


(check out their technology affiliate, too!)

04 January 2008

New & Improved!

It's the new year! A chance to start over, to forget one's past mistakes, to give the bum on the corner a quarter, to turn over a new snowball, etc. etc. etc...


It's really not that different, to be honest. I just notice it more because I often forget to add +1 to the last digit of the date field when signing, typing, whatever. =)