30 September 2007

Go Pack Go!

I could say lots of things here, but I won't...but Brett Favre got his record and the Pack is 4-0! *wooHOO* =) I'll bet things will be a bit quiet at the office tomorrow...

29 September 2007

Oktoberfest Absentee

Starting in 1989, I have marched in the Oktoberfest parade in La Crosse, WI - every single year. This year I didn't - because the wife and I decided to save our $$$ for our upcoming trip to Italy instead. I think I have the longest running record amongst my immediate group of friends (and some others in outer circles as well).

Part of me is enjoying the fact that I'm not putting myself through it - as it's been a heck of a long and busy summer/fall so far and I really don't want to wear myself out before our trip to Europe. The other part of me misses going back, reliving the college days and catching up with old friends that I usually only get to see this weekend.

It seems kind of weird, actually.
But oh well, maybe I'll go back next year. ;)

22 September 2007

Spelling 101 (a rant)

We live in the age of technology...where just about everyone has access to a computer and most of those people actually know a thing or two about spelling. For those who don't know a thing or two (or have that one word or two that always trips them up) this crazy little invention called "Spell Check" was born...but apparently abandoned in a basket at the nearest nice couple's house.

Upon searching the motorcycle ads in Craigslist, I came across one classified ad that had the following spelling mistakes:

- 'un motittied' (unmodified?)
- 'egnition' (ignition)
- 'tackomitor' (tachometer)
- 'board' (as in the cylinder was bored larger)
- 'tiers' (yes, tires)
- 'achuly' (actually, my personal favorite).

I am not a perfectionist...but for the love of God, if you're going to publish something ANYWHERE you should have the common decency to make sure you don't look like an ass.

The Passporter

Yesterday it dawned on me that I have two weeks to get the Honda C70 Passport running better, get its missing title transferred over to me and get my motorcycle permit. The whole point of getting the scooter was to jump ahead of the wife at various points of her marathon.

It's not looking promising, but I can either rent one or I'll have to come up with an alternate plan.

The title is going to be the most difficult of the three tasks.

Update: ...upon installing said new parts, the bike still doesn't run. *grrr*

18 September 2007

Worn Out

I've come to the conclusion that I'm actually WORN OUT. With work being a bit hairy, running errands all day Saturday, our friends Joe & Sandra's wedding that night, more errands and football AND computer repair on Sunday, plus 'Guys Night' last night?!?! I'm exhausted!!!

I did, however, have a lot of fun on my weekend.

So, tonight I was a vegetable and got caught up on Doctor Who.

16 September 2007

Restoration Work

Although I had previously planned on installing the new parts for the Honda C70 Passport this afternoon, instead I'm reloading everything on my computer. We had a brief power outage the other morning - after which, my 1.5 year-old desktop acted a little funny upon startup. It started fine and supposedly all was good.

Until I needed to use it last night and it was frozen on a black screen. A simple reboot produced the familiar 'cla-clunk' sound coming from the bottom of the case where the hard drive resides. That's two Seagate drives I've gone through - this last one being out of warranty.

So I replaced it with a larger drive from Western Digital this morning. I've almost completed getting everything installed - and then it'll be time for a backup.

06 September 2007

Peace and Quiet

The Labor Day weekend started off with our friends Courtney and Darren's wedding. It was a very nice ceremony at Northwestern College followed by a reception at the Mill City Museum. Saturday morning was rather unpleasant with a work-related 8-hour outage, conference calls and frustration. After that, however, the wife and I went to her parents lake cottage to spend time with family and relax.

It's located in northern Wisconsin on a small lake in the middle of nowhere. "Busy" is defined as five boats on the lake - and is a rare occasion at that. With all the chaos and hectic nature of city life its great to get away from it all and escape to the country. =)