23 March 2007

More Pop History!

I stumbled upon this site while blog-hopping today. I think it should be a requirement that all test-market sodas get sent to my address for inspection and feedback. Some of them we had in Wisconsin/Minnesota, but I had never heard of the Pepsi Wild Bunch before - way cool!

22 March 2007

Think Spring!

So, the snowy season is officially over and has made way for mild sunny days - at least during the work week. This weekend is supposed to be 40% rainy. The good news about this is that I have plenty to do indoors (clean, organize, install external HD, make mix-CD's). However, I'd much rather have it be rainy when it's nighttime and I'm sleeping or when it's a weekday and I'm working in the basement of downtown Minneapolis. That's my $.02!

17 March 2007

Éire go Brách

I drove through St. Paul today around noon. It was right before the start of the St. Patrick's Day parade, and the main drag of downtown was covered in a sea of green. One of these days I'll actually watch the parade!

The best part is watching how people get dressed up for the holiday. Some just wear something green, others don Irish promotional garb, while a few actually get really creative - like the guy dressed as a pint of Guinness.

16 March 2007

It's Friday Night...and I'm going to bed!

This is probably one of the longest days at the end of one of the l o n g e s t weeks I've had in quite some time. I woke up at 4:30 (-ish?) barely able to function, but somehow managed to get my wife to the airport in time to fly out to Jamaica via Atlanta. Then, hoping I could go back to sleep for an hour (yeah, right) I crawled back into bed. Nothing.

I did, however, make it to work on time and was pretty much busy all day - which didn't give me time to think about how tired I was. Then, after work I met up with some old employees (one of which got a new job) at Town Hall Brewery for a couple drinks...and then another with my ex-roommate Keith at Houlihan's later this evening.

Now it's my downtime, and I'm completely wiped out tired - not buzzed or anything, just tired!

11 March 2007

Return of Steak Night

Last night we went out with Adam & Heather for dinner. It was their pick, so we went to The Capital Grille in downtown Minneapolis. Complimentary valet parking, coat check, and table in our own little corner of the establishment made the night memorable. The service was excellent and the food was downright delicious! My dry aged sirloin was encrusted in coffee - you heard that right! The wine was quite tasty and was the perfect touch.

Afterward, we trekked over to their place and watched yet another dance competition movie. The wife and Heather are planning even more viewings...the former has already sent out a list. Adam and I shall fight back with Sci-Fi flicks.

10 March 2007


Amazingly tiny, Guimp says it's the world's smallest website - and probably has the smallest game of Pong ever created. If you're 'big' into smallish things head on over to Smallist where I found several things of interest...and some quite creepy.

Way Too Early...

It's Saturday...and for whatever reason my body decided that I should wake up like it's a weekday. I have no commitments until 9am, and I woke up before 6 o'clock. *grrr*

09 March 2007

Adequate Idols

So, last night was the results show of American Idol where we find out who's in the final 12. This is constantly referred to by judges as a singing competition...and apparently the public at large either didn't get the memo or just ignored it.

I don't have a problem with the majority of the finalists as they're each pretty darn good. It's going to be tough to narrow it down for the AI Challenge pool that my wife hosts every year. There are, however, a few people that simply don't belong in the Top 12: Sanjaya, Chris R. and Haley - you're the first to get eliminated, hopefully.

05 March 2007

Back Catalogue

So, believe it or not, I actually had a wild and crazy college life. Granted, it was a bit on the dorky side of things but still...it was a great time in life and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I had a nice car (that caught on fire), actually dated several people (even though I was a 'good guy'), got into trouble on occasion (without getting caught...completely), and dyed my hair weird colors.

I met a lot of really cool people along the way, some of which I see weekly and others not so much - but it's always easy to reminisce about the days gone by. As long as it's not every time we hang out...'cause then it's just annoying.

But it has to be done - otherwise, we'd all forget who we were and what we did that make us what we are now. (try saying THAT three times really fast!)

01 March 2007

Revenge of the Brick

For those of you who are Star Wars fans and/or Lego freaks like me, you should view this really cool mini-movie. As for the rest of you, why aren't you Star Wars fans or Lego freaks?!?! *shame*

Thanks to TekBandit for the link!