30 April 2007


I'm not the biggest YouTube watcher, but every once in awhile I find something that freaks me out - and seeing a commercial for my old car (the original Lokimobile) did just that.

My '87 Dodge Shadow was almost identical to this one...although it didn't morph out of anything and probably never scared the dog away.

26 April 2007

My hands smell funny

Wifey loves getting nifty things from Bath & Body Works. She picked up several bottles of hand soap a while back, some of which are pretty nice. I'm not sure I like the recent one, however - it's called "Moonlight Path" and it makes my hands smell funny.

Although I washed my hands 10 minutes ago, either the moonlight or the path still lingers and is eminating from the keyboard as I type.
I think my eyes are burning...


23 April 2007

Like A Stone

For those who have been wondering why I haven't had a post in over a week, it's because I got a visit from an old friend. My dear pal, K. Stone, stopped in for a visit early (~12:30am) on April 18th and hasn't left yet. I haven't really felt like blogging since he dropped in.

Mr. Stone made me go to the ER. Not one, not two...but THREE TIMES since his arrival. Unlike his relatives who visited more than three years ago, Mr. Stone is a big guy. He just won't leave, no matter how much I drink in hopes of drowning him. Stubborn bastard!

I've also missed three days of work because of Mr. K. Stone's unwillingness to leave me alone. I can't wait until my visit with the urologist tomorrow - because I'm going to suggest that K. Stone get blown into tiny little pieces!!! Also, that I get additional drugs to better deal with his attitude and abuse.

Wish me luck! =)

13 April 2007


Say that three times fast! It's the term for "fear of Friday the 13th." I'm not one to be afflicted by this, but it is rather entertaining to see what goes on during this day. Here's a pretty good article that I found. Even the all-powerful Loki had something to do with the folklore of this day!

There's probably a Friday The 13th movie marathon somewhere, too. =)

05 April 2007

Music and Lyrics

The wife and I went to see Music and Lyrics this weekend. It was a pretty good movie, especially for someone who grew up in the 80's listening to pop music. The soundtrack was reminiscent of a John Hughes film, and was quite good. The only thing I didn't like was that Drew Barrymore plays the typical female lead in a typical date movie...but, oh well.

My wife said that she liked it, although it was a bit cheesy...which is why I liked it! Go figure.

01 April 2007

Weekend of Italy

On Friday, the wife and I ended up going to Olive Garden for dinner. Neither of us had been there in what seemed like ages and we couldn't think of anywhere else to go. It was good, but we discussed how everyone thought OG was the 'best place ever' back in college since none of us had been to a real Italian restaurant yet. It's definitely good food, but it has its place in the hierarchy.

On Saturday, we contacted our good friends Adam & Heather - and ended up going out to Ristorante Luci for dinner. It was fabulous! Made-from-scratch pasta, bruschetta so good my mouth is still watering, excellent bread and divine dessert. The four of us had originally planned on hanging out somewhere afterward, but it ended up getting too late for that. We had a great night once again!