25 July 2006

Short & Sweet

I've noticed that my posts have been pretty long recently. This one is not! =)

24 July 2006

Country Jam! *yeeeehaw*

I'm not a Country music fan. I'll repeat, I am -not- a Country music fan! However, I did volunteer at the 2006 Country Jam music festival held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I grew up listening to Country & Western music before I knew any better, so it was somewhat tolerable.

Some of the artists were pretty good (Little Big Town, Sawyer Brown, Josh Gracin) and one was downright painful (Sugarland). The latter's lead singer kept talking in-between songs about nothing in particular and her faux-country (at least I hope it was) accent could drive a herd of cattle off a cliff to their imminent deaths.

Our job was to take tickets and give out wristbands. We had a pretty good system worked out and there weren't any problems. I caught one person with a fake ID (21+ had specially colored bands to get them into the beer garden) and another asked me to give him one without a Driver's License. We saw one girl get kicked out for underage drinking, but not because of our group's wrongdoing.

People-watching was at its finest, however. Some of the things that our fellow citizens come up with to go out in public just suprised me! Some of these gals wore stiletto heeled shoes/boots and were complaining about not being able to walk well?! Um, hello? You're in the middle of the woods walking to a field! Common sense was definitely lacking...

21 July 2006

Target wins "Stupid Flag" award

Today, I went to Target to have some lunch and buy Sudafed. They wouldn't sell me any, saying that I had hit the maximum limit of a restricted item. Target's Pharmacy told me the maximum was 3 grams in 10 days, and I was only permitted to purchase 0.6 grams currently. My last purchase of 24-hour Sudafed (2.4g) was more than 10 days ago. I complained, naturally - as I was being wronged!

Target Pharmacy gave me their Guest Relations number that I could call. I asked them what difference that would make, and they really didn't know. Then, the pharmacist told me that although all of Target's stores are connected - they aren't connected with any other retailers so I could go elsewhere to get what I needed!
Target just told me how I can circumvent the law they're trying to uphold! I laughed and walked away...

Okay, now this is where I raise the "stupid flag" - MN state law limitations state that you can't purchase more than 6g in 30 days (as of 4/6/06). I've purchased 4.8g that I can remember (two 24-hour Sudafed packages - both at Target on different dates). 2.4 x 2 = 4.8 ...so I should be able to purchase 1.2g yet (not 0.6)! Which I did, from the retailer Target referred me to.

My conclusion - Target is stupid: they're not educated about the laws they are required to enforce, inform customers on how they can circumvent such laws, and they can't add! ;)

14 July 2006

Heat Wave

For those of you who think it's too cold in Minnesota...

...you should come visit us in July!

12 July 2006

I won!

There's an afternoon radio contest done by Moon and Staci called "Smarter than Staci" on KS95. When I get out of work at a decent hour, I usually end up listening to it on my way home from the train station. Yesterday I was making great time and heard the announcement for contestants to call in...

Now, usually if I call the only thing I get is a busy signal. This happened again, but I decided to give it another try - and it rang! I was on the air!!!

Contestants are asked five questions with Staci out of the studio. The answers are revealed and your score is given. Staci then comes back and gets the same questions. If you have a higher number of correct answers, you win! I got 4 out of 5...and so did Staci - and therefore we tied.

For the tiebreaker, the contestant gets a choice between a "speed round" (first correct answer wins) or playing rock/paper/scissors. I went for the latter since I sometimes think too much. First match: 1,2,3...I chose rock (so did Staci) - another tie. Second match: 1,2,3...I chose paper (Staci chose rock) - I won! *yay*

I got a $50 gift certificate to a local mall and a session at Let's Dish with Staci and a guest of my choosing...which was my wife, of course!

Some of my co-workers heard me, and said that I didn't sound too much like an idiot.
I think I'll buy a Powerball ticket today...maybe my luck is still good! ;)

10 July 2006

Viva Italia!

Those who know me realize that I'm not into soccer that much. However, since it was my friend Jason's birthday I decided to join him at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis to watch the 2006 World Cup. Was I ever in for a surprise...

The place was packed...literally! Downstairs, upstairs, inside, outside - everywhere. I've never seen that many people there ever in my life. It was quite a show!

We conveniently had a spot (standing, squished into the back wall) where we could see one of many big screens. The walkway to get outside was between us and the tv, which led to a lot of heckling that was really funny sometimes. People from all nationalities, shapes and sizes made an appearance. More often than not, it was more entertaining to watch the people watching the game than the game itself! Sorry, soccer fans...

We also got to witness a little brawl between a stupid guy, a cool chick and the chick's mom. After getting skooled by the mom, the guy got thrown out of the establishment...and there was much rejoicing! *yay*

05 July 2006

The "Taste of Minnesota" (aka: "Pre-Fair")

I have always protested going to the "Taste of Minnesota" event, the Twin Cities' Independence Day weekend festival, but was persuaded by my wife to go for a short time yesterday.

Let me say one thing: "This is not the 'Taste of Minnesota'...it's the 'Taste of the MN State Fair!'"

In other cities (Madison, Chicago, Denver, etc.), the "Taste" event is truly a wonderful experience. Local restaurants set up booths with samples from their menu, at a discount price, and usually include a coupon good for a dinner or something. Local merchants sell trinkets that show how they're unique compared to other stores. It's a great time!

Not so for us Minnesotans! Instead, we have the privilege of the expected carnival atmosphere. No-name tents selling knick-knacks, sign up for a free vacation, and pay an average of $5 for a smaller portion of the same deep-fried food you can find at most county/state fairs. (except the cheese curds, which were the worst I've ever had anywhere in the Midwest - also $5)

And some of the people attending this event had to have been raised by cows. Mind you, the place wasn't packed - and yet you still couldn't walk 20 feet without having to stop or change course because some inconsiderate buffoon walked right in front of you.

It's truly a sad state of affairs.