20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

My parents came up to visit us for the weekend. It was the annual Back to the 50's car show at the MN State Fairgrounds and it also happened to coincide with Father's Day and my Father-In-Law's birthday. While I'm not officially a dad yet, both my parents and Jeff wished me well anyway. *laughs*

Mom brought a homemade apple pie which was really good. She also bought a little outfit for baby when she is old enough to wear it next summer, some baby stuff from when I was a kid, along with my baptismal gown - how neat!

Dad and I tried locating a replacement truck for the farm but without much success. The one we found close to their place sold on Thursday. Why do people leave multiple ads up on craigslist after the sale? It's really annoying! Anyway, it was fun - and I hope he finds a suitable truck for his needs and the dog's as well (he rides in the cab too).

12 June 2010


We just got back from our vacation to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona. We couldn't spend a lot of time there since we have to save our vacation time for when the baby is born, but three days was more than enough to see the sights and get some needed relaxation!

While at the Grand Canyon, we walked along the South Rim and witnessed several breathtaking views - it was a great experience! Sedona, about 2.5 hours south, is a small tourist town with lots of history itself. The red rock formations in this area are outstanding! This is the birthplace of the 'dirt shirt' that's gaining popularity nationwide. It was also a popular movie set location for several of Hollywood's westerns. It was a neat place to visit and I'm glad Elizabeth chose the area to stay while on vacation.