30 November 2008

Necessary Farts

Last night we got together with a few friends for dinner and a play. Yes, a play! Due to a lot of spawning, our friends haven't been getting out as much as they'd like to - so they got a sitter (aka Grandma) and set up an outing. We went to Maynard's in Excelsior - a first for us. They had really good food and even passed the French Onion soup test! Afterward, we caught a play at the Old Log Theater called "An Unnecessary Farce." It was an okay show, but it's title caused a bit of confusion among the group - it became a running joke the entire evening. =)

Turkey Trot

Every Thanksgiving, Elizabeth's family has a 'running' tradition of participating in the Turkey Trot. It's a nice little 5K that takes place in the streets of Eau Claire, WI. The proceeds benefit the local food shelf. It's always a fun run! This is my second year of participating though I've attended twice before that.

Afterward, we spent Thanksgiving Day with family and friends - the first holiday at her parents' new house. My folks weren't able to come up this year but I was able to talk to Mom for awhile on the phone. I had to work on Friday, but was able to break away for a late lunch with Elizabeth, her parents and the Larson clan. Allie and Will are so cute sometimes!

20 November 2008

Viva La Vida

Elizabeth and I went to see Coldplay in concert on Friday night. We ended up with terrific seats on the main floor and it was a really great performance. Here's a pic of their final set, taken with my iPhone. If only it had a zoom! ;)

Coldplay was originally scheduled to play here in July. Chris Martin was really nice about it and apologized profusely, but promised that it was worth the wait - and that they sound a lot better now than they did back then. I'd have to agree. Everything was quite showy, from the funky globes to the laser lightshow to the millions of nylon butterflies covering the crowd. It was very cool to witness it all!

05 November 2008

It's Over! Well, Almost...

This is probably my favorite time of any election year. No signs in every yard and on every corner. No dorky looking person waving as people honk. No smear campaigns or negative ads on television.


Except that Coleman and Franken are still tied in a dead heat and we now have to hear about the recount for what could possibly be several weeks?!?! Yikes...glad I'm not them!

By the way, if you didn't vote yesterday you have no right to complain about anything that happens during the next term of the candidate who won each ballot. You do, however, have the right to wear this t-shirt. :)

01 November 2008

Nice Day For A Ride

Today started out a bit chilly, but by afternoon of was nice enough to take Porter out for a couple of hours. I drove through a few local dealerships just to see what was there (something I do frequently) and I got a compliment from one of the salespeople who loved the scooter.

It's nice to hear good things while joyriding! :)