30 July 2007

Guys Night

Tonight was 'guys night' at Adam's. Basically, it was a bunch of us hanging out and playing video games. I played a game of darts, picked out some choice songs from the jukebox and played Wii for the first time. Adam created my Mii - and the resemblance is remarkable! Fun Fun Fun! =)

28 July 2007

Early Morning Industrial

This morning I had to run a bunch of errands. Knowing that I haven't been too fond of radio recently and also that I have yet to purchase an FM transmitter for my iPod, I decided to grab a mix CD instead. The one I chose was a compilation of Industrial music I made for one of my good college friends a few years ago.

NitzerEbb, Front 242, Bigod20, VNV Nation and Skinny Puppy are all good ways to get the blood pumping at 9am. ;) I think I may have scared off some of the early-morning-walkers out there, though - as I had my windows down and stereo up until it got too hot out.

22 July 2007

Country Jam & Bon Jovi

So, this weekend was the annual Country Jam music festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Once again, the wife and I volunteered to work the gates - taking tickets, giving out wristbands, checking ID's, etc. This year was incedibly busy as Bon Jovi was the headlining act on Saturday.

Bon Jovi? At a country music festival?! No, I'm not joking. They've been dabbling with some country writers, producers and even a duet or two. This concert was a great show and they played all the hits, from Runaway to I Love This Town. I probably never would have seen them live if I wasn't working at the venue - but still, I was incredibly surprised at how good it was. We had a great time!

11 July 2007

And All That Jazz!

The cast of Chicago - The Musical is working out at the wife's YMCA while in town for their performance. As a result, she scored four free tickets to see the show. I called Adam to see if he and Heather could go with us but they couldn't commit. Kurt & Julie could go, so all was good. However, last minute we got an additional two tickets - and in a mad frenzy of phone calls found another two friends (Keith & Ann) that could go on short notice.

The show runs all week and we went last night. It was pretty good, over all. Some parts were a little strange but others were incredible. I may have to watch the movie again as a comparison. All in all, it was a good weeknight hanging out with friends - and that's all that matters, really. =)

08 July 2007

His Name Is Prince

...and he is funky! Wifey and I just got back from Prince's 7-7-7 concert at the Target Center. It was a great show. Opening with Purple Rain was probably the best way to start a concert. He played some of his other classics, some covers ("Play That Funky Music," starring some random local singing the lead vocals) and some of his newer stuff. Sheila E jammed a few drum solos and performed her hit singles, and Wendy played guitar. Prince's band had a phenomenal horn section, too.

The concert was a blast, and thanks to Brian & Georgia for giving us their extra tickets!

05 July 2007

Celebration of Independence

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the good ol' US of A. The wife and I spent the day with her family up at the cottage. It was relaxing for the most part, but I could have used another day or two away from my daily routine to recharge.

On the way home, we pulled into a local parking lot to catch the fireworks from the Taste of Minnesota in downtown St. Paul. It was a perfect way to see the show...no crowds to deal with and it was very quiet and peaceful. Next year, we'll try to get something with a better view.