30 October 2006


My friends and I saw Pet Shop Boys this weekend. I carpooled with long-time friends Adam and Matt who also had tickets. Unfortunately, Adam's wife Heather had fallen ill - which was too bad, as she was really excited about going and had bought my extra ticket. Dinner at Solera before the concert was a bit pricey but definitely delicious!

The concert itself was absolutely fabulous (pun intended)! Neil and Chris have been doing this for 20+ years and it definitely shows. The stage set was minimal (again, pun intended) with nothing but a chaise lounge and three fabric-covered electronically outfitted white cubes. The cubes were used for everything from video projection, stage lighting, and platforms for silhouetted dancers. Later on, cutouts of their heads were brought out along with a big sparkly gold hat.

Songs from their newest release, Fundamental, were included as well as several classic hits from days gone by - my personal favorite being "It's a sin." A nice, yet sullen, touch was a wonderful performance of "Dreaming of the Queen" where the funeral procession of Princess Diana was shown.

One of the neatest features of the concert was the inclusion of an intermission! That's right, at a pop music concert. It was either PSB being clever (the concert was at the Orpheum) or just being cheeky as usual. During the intermission I bought myself a drink from the bar and met up with Jason and Anneka to finish out the show.

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Don said...

It was a great show! I hope it isn't 15 years until they return!