28 December 2006

Loki's Domain goes 'bye-bye'

For those of you who have known me for awhile, you know that I have my own domain. Something rather odd happened recently - I cleared my cache and *poof*...my domain was gone!

Turns out it had expired on the 16th...but did I receive a 'renew now' or 'your domain will expire soon' e-mail? Nuh-uh...not a word, not a peep. Just *poof* =/

Not that I had done anything with my site in the last two years anyway, but still - it's MINE!


N8ey said...

Well, it's not owned by anyone else.

Time to pull out the wallet!


Loki said...

It has already been renewed. Shouldn't you be working or something, N8? ;)

heather k said...

So does that make you the Master of Your Domain?


N8ey said...

"Quit spinning in your chair, you're drooling on the floor!"

"Dressing inside out every odd day isn't appropriate work attire!"

"Would you answer the phone once a day at least?"

Gaw, what a slave driver. Completely unreasonable.

At least you reacquired the domain. You've got that going for you - you're not useless and a slave driver.