31 January 2007

The 'Mystery Box'

Okay, so I said I wasn't going to post about work - but this is kinda neat, so I'm breaking my own rule. Why? Because I can - it's my blog after all!

We have an Incentive Program in our department. It's just a chance for the staff to get cool stuff for doing a good job. Things like free lunches, extra time off and the 'Mystery Box' drawing - where they pick a number and get a prize. When the 'box' empties I have to buy stuff to refill it, usually from Target but sometimes I find things elsewhere that get thrown in. I also ask the staff for suggestions... getting back ideas ranging from a plunger to an Xbox 360.

The prizes aren't anything super-duper expensive or flashy - just something fun to do at their desk or take home and say "look what I got!"


-- K -- said...

I created a similar program when I was running the department newsletter at BCBS. Don't forget to check out dollar stores too! The prizes are cheap on your pocket but you can find cool picture frames and toys and magnetic notepads and pens and keychains... okay I think you got the idea.

latt├ęgirl said...


If I were an editor, which I am, or a teacher, which I am not, and you were the student, I would scribble in red pen, "AND?"

This entry is unfinished, sir. It left me going... "Wait! Where's the extended entry? Where's the punchline? What was the best prize ever in the Mystery Box? Etc.?"

And also, "plunger?"

Loki said...

Yes, someone actually submitted a Mystery Box idea to have a plunger as one of the prizes - because he said it would be funny.

No punchline. Best Prize would vary based on opinion, but I liked the "mooing cow" the best! *mooOOOooo*