27 December 2007

Christmas Wrap

This year was my first Christmas away from my family. My parents decided to fly out to Portland to visit my sister for the holiday, so I spent the entire time with my wife and her family. I guess we're all family, but you figure out how to say it and let me know. ;)

Christmas was great as usual. The wife and I had a relaxing time at her parents house, planning and prepping for "Little Christmas" (a party thrown for friends every year on 12/23), going to church on Christmas Eve for the candlelight service, putting presents under the tree and playing with the niece and nephew. Our trip finished up with the annual Nachos Navidad. Later, we went to see a movie with Elizabeth's sister Georgia and her husband Brian.

This year was even more special, as Elizabeth was asked to preach in all three services at her home church on Sunday. She did a stellar job (of course) and she received several compliments from family, friends and members of the congregation.

Overall, it was a very Merry Christmas - hope yours was as well!

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