31 January 2008

CD's Untimely Demise

Apparently the compact disc (CD) has been pronounced dead. It was only 25 years old! I'm not sure what that means for those who, like myself, have several hundred of them displayed prominently in our homes. Should we have a visitation (my media is not Catholic) so loved ones can get one last glimpse? What about a burial? Funeral Pyre?

Why wasn't this covered on the news earlier?
How come we're only finding out about it now?!?!

Rest In Peace, beloved shiny object of musical glory.
Compact Disc (1982-2007)

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Karen Marie said...

My dad is still trying to deal with the death of 8 tracks and we've slowly been buying him CD's. He barely knows how to turn a computer on. Let alone how to go to itunes. I don't know how to break the news of CD's to him :(