24 July 2008

The New LokiPhone!

My wife had mentioned at one point that she was tired of her cell phone and wanted an iPhone, but they were too expensive at the time - and a good friend told us to wait until the 3G version came out.

So we did! And it looked even more enticing...so I went over to MOA after work to see if they had run out yet (third trip so far). They were out of the black 16GB version, but had several 8GB in stock - so since I figured I wouldn't get the chance beforehand, I bought one for her birthday present!

My original Razr V3 was dying a slow & painful death, so I bought one for myself too. It's a great little gadget! I'm still getting used to the new-fangled way of doing things, though.

On another unrelated topic, this is post #200 on my blog! Who would've thunk it...


N8ey said...

Well, at least you've got something that will have better hardware than the first generation.

Not that I can remember any major problems with first-gen.

I've decided not to loathe you and treat you as a guinea-pig to find out how it works.

And: 200 posts from someone who once said that he had nothing to say on a blog... Hrm. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wanna play with E's new phone!! And congrats on your 200th post=)