05 October 2008

26.2 - complete!

Well, the rain came back - with a vengeance! Shortly before Elizabeth got to Lake Calhoun, the clouds opened up and dumped sheets upon sheets of rain with a cold wind of 25-30 mph off the lake. It wasn't pleasant for me standing behind a tree and holding an umbrella. The Robbinsdale City Band packed it up and left. The runners got s-o-a-k-e-d! I asked the wife if getting rained on is better than running in 85-degree humid weather and she said NO!

Elizabeth did finish the marathon though, running mostly by herself and with an injured foot to boot! I'm proud of her accomplishments and was glad I was able to cheer her on. I even managed to get a couple of good pictures (taken later at 10m and 23-24m when it wasn't raining). But she's supposedly doing her own blog post, so you'll have to go see it there. =)

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