09 May 2009

Porter Goes To Work

The weather for Thursday was supposed to be gorgeous and warm enough in the morning to make my first attempt at taking Porter (my Honda Passport scooter) into work. I estimated my travel time of about an hour and left 15 minutes early in case of traffic issues. It was a bit chilly in the shady areas, but overall the ride was splendid! No real traffic until I got close to downtown Minneapolis - one of the benefits of taking back streets.

Everyone was asking if I was going to commute in this fashion every day. I don't think that would be a good idea, as it's a shorter commute if I take the train. But I might ride my scooter to the bus stop more frequently as summer rolls in!

1 comment:

N8ey said...

Your scooter is named Porter?


You are an odd one, Mr. Loki.