22 November 2009

Winery Road Trip

My parents stopped at a winery on the way home from visiting us this past summer. They are now fresh out of their supply and asked me to pick some up before going home for Thanksgiving next week.

In the little town of Cannon Falls, there's a neat little winery that uses a blend of grapes from Minnesota and other regions. Cannon River Winery sits in the heart of downtown. For $5, you get a full sampling of whatever is currently available - with the exception of the reserve (which requires forfeiture of an extra dollar bill) - from their wide variety of wines. I sampled about 14 different wines and found a few favorites of my own (Nouveaux, Minnesota Meritage, Lorraine's White, Sogn Blush). The reserve was also very tasty - but for $24 it seems a bit pricey for local grape goodness.

Little did I know, but Cannon River Winery supplies the famous Mancini's Char House with both a house white (West 7th White) and red (Mancini's Levee Red) vino. Both of which are quite good - and remind me of several good nights at that establishment.

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