27 March 2010

Porter Gets a New Pair o' Shoes

Porter (my '81 Honda Passport C70) was purchased in 1982 and then parked in my grandfather's garage for 27 years. When the scooter was resurrected, the cycle shop said its tires were cracking and will eventually need to be replaced. Well, that time is now!

Last weekend I was headed out to meet up with my friend Keith to scoot around town for awhile. At a stop sign, I sometimes check to make sure the tires aren't losing air. What I saw was far worse - the rear tire has a large crack (about 12") running along the sidewall. Definitely not good!

Of course, a bike this old has hard-to-find parts. Five different repair shops didn't have both tires in stock. So they'll need to be ordered and installed in the next week or so.

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