12 July 2010

Long Holiday Weekend

The wife and I spent Independence Day weekend at her family's lake dwelling. We left Friday afternoon and met her folks for dinner on the way there at the 5 O'clock Club in Cumberland, WI. I enjoyed a Landshark while we waiting for them to arrive and we shared an order of Peg Legs (assorted cheese sticks). For dinner, I had the fish fry special - haddock. With au gratin potatoes on the side instead of fries. It was really good and the portions were very satisfying.

The remainder of the weekend at the lake was typical for celebrating July 4th. We prepped, cleaned up and got everything ready for company on Saturday. Family and friends joined us on Sunday for a cookout. Later that night, we went out on the lake for a few spins to see which neighbors were around. Toward dusk, the fish were jumping - I should have brought my pole!

It was a very relaxing weekend, the perfect thing for some mid-summer time off from the daily grind. I'm hoping we'll get to spend a few more weekends there next year. One just isn't enough! =)

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