05 June 2006

Short-lived 'puter

I decided it was time to finally upgrade from my P3-500 to something a little more modern and speedy. Since you can now buy a PC for under $1K that's just as good as one you can build, I chose the easier route and bought my first Dell Dimension E510. It screamed! And, I had spent several hours migrating data off of my old PC before wiping it clean and letting a friend have it.

I was going to create a backup once I was finished with my initial tweaking. I never got the chance...

Friday 5/26: Shut down system to head up north for the annual "SBH Classic"
Monday 5/29: Came home and powered on system - and got "Disk Read Error"...the HD clunked twice.


I'm now re-installing everything that I had from my previous backup.

1 comment:

heather k said...

Jeez, you'd think they'd last at least a few months...