13 June 2006

"Decoration Purpose Only"

Last week I volunteered some of my work time to sit at a company-sponsored career festival. I sat at a table with other managers and answered questions about Information Technology. Human Resources gave each of us a silver bucket filled with candy - way cool!

Today I looked at the bottom of the bucket...there was a sticker that read: "Decoration Purpose Only"

Somewhere a lawyer sits at his desk and comes up with this crap! Obviously, this is a necessary step in production because someone might try to use the bucket for something else - and then file a lawsuit because nobody told them a bucket couldn't perform to their expectations.

The bucket has star-shaped holes punched out just under the rim. It's obviously for decoration. You can't pour anything with it without spilling. You can't fill it to the rim without leaking. It's simply a nice looking bucket!


heather k said...

Lawyers: they make the world go 'round.

So didja eat all the candy? I wouldn't have been able to control myself!

Loki said...

Of course I did...and it was good!