23 April 2007

Like A Stone

For those who have been wondering why I haven't had a post in over a week, it's because I got a visit from an old friend. My dear pal, K. Stone, stopped in for a visit early (~12:30am) on April 18th and hasn't left yet. I haven't really felt like blogging since he dropped in.

Mr. Stone made me go to the ER. Not one, not two...but THREE TIMES since his arrival. Unlike his relatives who visited more than three years ago, Mr. Stone is a big guy. He just won't leave, no matter how much I drink in hopes of drowning him. Stubborn bastard!

I've also missed three days of work because of Mr. K. Stone's unwillingness to leave me alone. I can't wait until my visit with the urologist tomorrow - because I'm going to suggest that K. Stone get blown into tiny little pieces!!! Also, that I get additional drugs to better deal with his attitude and abuse.

Wish me luck! =)


-- K -- said...

I used to be K Stone... That would make Mr. K. Stone my ex-husband... I know how much my ex-husband sucks. I'm sorry that you have to deal with him. He doesn't leave when you kick him out and he doesn't stop that nagging painful feeling until he decides on his own it's time to leave. My advice to you: get drunk and sleep with your FB.

Loki said...

Weird how your Mr. K. Stone is like mine in so many ways...

Update: Mine left today. I turned him into the lab and he's being 'processed' accordingly.

I'm free! *yay* =)