01 April 2007

Weekend of Italy

On Friday, the wife and I ended up going to Olive Garden for dinner. Neither of us had been there in what seemed like ages and we couldn't think of anywhere else to go. It was good, but we discussed how everyone thought OG was the 'best place ever' back in college since none of us had been to a real Italian restaurant yet. It's definitely good food, but it has its place in the hierarchy.

On Saturday, we contacted our good friends Adam & Heather - and ended up going out to Ristorante Luci for dinner. It was fabulous! Made-from-scratch pasta, bruschetta so good my mouth is still watering, excellent bread and divine dessert. The four of us had originally planned on hanging out somewhere afterward, but it ended up getting too late for that. We had a great night once again!


heather k said...

Sorry we were lame and didn't hang out after dinner. I blame the rainy weather for our tired demeanor.

It was fun trying out a new spot with you two - now we need to work on our list!

-- K -- said...

Mmm... Italian... I took S to Cossetta's dntn St Paul last week. It was yummy (probably nothing comapred to your Ristorante Lu... whatever...)

It was extremely ackward though because my ex-hus worked there almost the entire time we were together so there were several uncomfortable recognitions when I was there with my new boy. No one came and chatted though so at least I know I can go back there again a little less ackwardly. That's good because I love their Volpi Prosciutto!!