24 May 2007

Attack of the 25-lb Salted Nut Roll

Part of the Lawn Bowling event last night involved a raffle drawing. This is no ordinary raffle, as there are several big-ticket items for those lucky enough to win them. A 37" LCD TV, DisneyWorld passes, airline tickets and gift certificates to fancy restaurants in the metro area were all up for grabs.

I always partake in the raffle as it's a good way to earn money for a good cause - and I might get something cool out of it too. This year, I threw three tickets in the hat for a 25-lb Pearson's Salted Nut Roll...and won! Here's a pic of it sitting in front of two employees:

It's enormous! We still haven't figured out how to cut it, either. I also won two round-trip airline tickets, which made my night (and $$$ spent on raffle tickets) quite rewarding.


Ickster said...

Somehow the juxtaposition of a 25-lb. Salted Nut Roll and Mr. Ellithorpe seems fitting.

Congrats on the prizes, and sorry about the lawn bowling being rained out . . .

latt├ęgirl said...

Airline tickets to/from where?

Loki said...

Not sure yet, but we have anywhere in the 48 states plus Canada/Mexico to choose from. Maybe Labrador... =)

And Ickster, when we decide to cut it apart I'll make sure you get some.