21 May 2007

Random Observations

The weekend brought me to the following conclusions:

1) People don't know how to properly park in Dubuque, IA. (hint: it's with the traffic)
2) If a road is closed you can probably find a way around it...maybe.
3) There is absolutely nothing on local TV on Sunday
at 7am worth watching.
4) Big celebrations don't necessarily mean a lot of square footage or thousands of attendees.
5) You should have more than 10 cars if you decide to have a car show and charge admission.
6) When the signs say "Left Lane Closed Ahead" don't wait until the lane ends to move over...id10ts!
7) My parents dog really isn't as smart as he lets on (and that's not much).
8) Cell phone coverage is getting better in the sticks.
9) My dad is old enough to start collecting Social Security?!?!
10) Wifey's little red Jetta really likes cruising at 80 mph.

That's all for now.

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