20 September 2008

Zoot Scootin' Riot

I took my Motorcycle Permit exam yesterday morning before work, passing with flying colors. So of course, today I had to get out on the streets with Porter (the name of our '81 Honda Passport) and scoot around town...and then a few other towns as well! =)

Some things that I've forgotten since my youthful days of motorcycling:
- Bugs hurt! (even at 30 mph)
- You seem to notice the smell of car exhaust more.
- A 70cc engine does not like to get you up hills quickly.
- Your butt starts to hurt after a couple hours of riding!

All that aside, it was a lot of fun tooling around town this morning. Porter got a great break-in and filling up is very nice on the wallet, with a whopping $2.76 for .73 gallons! =)

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