20 December 2008

Swarm of Meat

Earlier this month my wife and I celebrated our third anniversary. We decided to go out for dinner at someplace new for a change (usually that's reserved for Valentine's Day) and ended up going to Fogo de Chao. It's a Brazilian steakhouse and is the place to go if you're a carnivore.

We had reservations for 6pm on a weeknight and the restaurant wasn't busy at all. This usually would be a good thing, but when there are a dozen or so anxious servers it's a little overwhelming. If you're not familiar with this restaurant, upon your signal they bring meat to your table - a pretty neat concept. However, we were literally swarmed with meat within a 2-minute time span. Yikes!!! Once more people arrived a little later, things got a lot more manageable and we would have one person stop by every so often.

It was a great experience overall with superb customer service. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes a variety of meats - there are 15 of them, after all - and they have a great salad bar as well. You won't leave hungry!

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Karen Marie said...

Congrats on your anniversary!!