05 December 2008


I paid only $1.54/gallon for gas last week. Unbelievable, considering that earlier this year I unloaded my Jeep Liberty in favor of a Jetta 2.0T just before fuel spiked up to $4+. Who would have thought that this was possible? Too bad it's not something to really celebrate considering the global economy and all. I checked GasBuddy and it ranges from $1.58 to $1.64 today in my neighborhood.

Back in August 2005 when I bought the Jeep it was at around $1.82 (we had months worth of constant reminders as a gas station in Brooklyn Park had closed with that amount still on the sign). Two weeks afterward, it leaped to $2.39. When I was a teen I could fill up my 20 gallon tank for less than $16 (when it was $.84/gal). Will we see that again? Who knows...but I doubt it. Of course, I never expected to see these kind of prices again either!

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