08 January 2009

Old Man Winter

We're supposedly going to get a decent amount of snow tonight and tomorrow, with 2-5 inches of white fluffy goodness expected. This is a good thing - I like snow!

The problem is that next week it'll be really freakishly cold. We're talking highs of zero and sometimes below that. This is what I don't like about winter and living in Minnesota. Highs in the 20's are fine. Highs with negative numbers aren't.

Old Man Winter should make up his mind. This up & down stuff is for the penguins!

Update: We didn't get more than a light dusting. Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the cold is growing OLD!

Brett said...

I'm usually pretty tolerant of the old man, but he's really annoying me this year.

www.tonycu.com said...

All of our friends in Cheese land got nailed though!