09 August 2009

Go East!

Last weekend, Elizabeth and I left to join her family on a road trip out east. I wasn't totally enthusiastic about it at first (5 adults and 2 toddlers packed into a Honda minivan) but it ended up being a great trip! We went, we saw and we did many things, including...

Dined with relatives in Cleveland, OH
Chatted with more relatives in Harrisburg, PA
Learned about chocolate in Hershey, PA
Toured the dutch region and ate lunch on an old-time train in Strasburg, PA
Dipped our feet in the Atlantic Ocean at Cape May, NJ
Walked through American history at various sites in Philadelphia, PA

There were a few more details but this pretty much sums it up. Now I have a couple days off to recover from a wacky sleep schedule, eating at weird times and de-kinking the knots in my back. ;)

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