20 September 2009

Juicy Lucy

Elizabeth and I started going out on Fridays to various local establishments to sample their version of the "Juicy Lucy" - a cheeseburger with a layer of cheese melted inside the burger. It was supposedly invented here in the Twin Cities and there are several varieties.

It all started with Nook, a small bar & grill in residential St. Paul. Their version was so good, we started telling everyone about it. That's when the feedback occurred - our friends and co-workers would say, "Have you tried it at this other place?" We decided that we should do a comparison!

Here's the list of places we've been to so far (ranked in order of preference):

1) Nook - (St. Paul) visited first, hard to beat! *yummmm*
2) Matt's Bar - (Minneapolis) a great Jucy Lucy (note the spelling), cash only!
3) The Cardinal Tavern - (Minneapolis) visited last, good Lucy and Cheddar Crisps!
4) Blue Door Pub - (St. Paul) probably the best variety of Lucy (at least 10 of them)
5) The 5-8 Club - (Minneapolis) recommended by many, but it just wasn't as good.

It will be interesting to see how the list changes as the contest continues.

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