11 March 2007

Return of Steak Night

Last night we went out with Adam & Heather for dinner. It was their pick, so we went to The Capital Grille in downtown Minneapolis. Complimentary valet parking, coat check, and table in our own little corner of the establishment made the night memorable. The service was excellent and the food was downright delicious! My dry aged sirloin was encrusted in coffee - you heard that right! The wine was quite tasty and was the perfect touch.

Afterward, we trekked over to their place and watched yet another dance competition movie. The wife and Heather are planning even more viewings...the former has already sent out a list. Adam and I shall fight back with Sci-Fi flicks.


Solange said...

For those of you who want to see my list - check out my Blog!

heather k said...

Methinks thou doest protest too much!

Admit it, you were digging Sarah Jessica Parker in those pink pants...