17 March 2007

Éire go Brách

I drove through St. Paul today around noon. It was right before the start of the St. Patrick's Day parade, and the main drag of downtown was covered in a sea of green. One of these days I'll actually watch the parade!

The best part is watching how people get dressed up for the holiday. Some just wear something green, others don Irish promotional garb, while a few actually get really creative - like the guy dressed as a pint of Guinness.


heather k said...

Aww, thanks for posting your St. Paul observations...I wish I would've at least driven through yesterday. Love that town.

lattégirl said...

Funny how many ways there are to spell Erin go Bragh (see? mine was slightly different from yours!)

Kinda like various permutations of Al Quaeda (although in this case, I'm almost positive I've spelled that wrong...)