16 March 2007

It's Friday Night...and I'm going to bed!

This is probably one of the longest days at the end of one of the l o n g e s t weeks I've had in quite some time. I woke up at 4:30 (-ish?) barely able to function, but somehow managed to get my wife to the airport in time to fly out to Jamaica via Atlanta. Then, hoping I could go back to sleep for an hour (yeah, right) I crawled back into bed. Nothing.

I did, however, make it to work on time and was pretty much busy all day - which didn't give me time to think about how tired I was. Then, after work I met up with some old employees (one of which got a new job) at Town Hall Brewery for a couple drinks...and then another with my ex-roommate Keith at Houlihan's later this evening.

Now it's my downtime, and I'm completely wiped out tired - not buzzed or anything, just tired!


Shannon said...

You're getting to be such an old man! I miss you and Keith too... I may be up there soon, we should get together. Hope you got some rest! And WHY aren't you packed in Elizabeth's suitcase?

Loki said...

10 hours of sleep, and it was terrific! I don't think the wife has a suitcase big enough for me to fit inside. *ponders*