04 June 2007

Sunday "Fun"-due

Adam & Heather called up this weekend and wanted to hang out. We ended up going to their place for fondue and it was most excellent. We brought a bottle of wine ("Eric The Red" from Galena Cellars) and it was gone almost immediately. We went "all out" with steak, chicken and shrimp...all of which were cleaned up by the end of the meal. For dessert, Adam made banana bread for the first time (yum!) and Heather put together some fresh fruit for the gals. Both desserts were topped with whipped cream...yummy!

We also watched a movie - and it was the guys' turn to pick, even though Elizabeth and Heather tried their best to persuade us into something they wanted. Adam and I held our ground, and we chose a sci-fi comedy starring Robert Urich titled "The Ice Pirates." It was funny and stupid, but that's what we wanted.

I'm a little frightened at what might come of that choice, but we'll have to find out next time!


Ickster said...

Oy. I started watching Ice Pirates a couple of weeks ago with Netflix's online streaming service. I watched it quite a few times back in the 80s and enjoyed it then, but it was just a little too much for me now.

Of course, I was watching it alone and sober. Drinking with friends would've helped, I bet.

Anonymous said...

I think I slept through everything but the sex scene. Go figure;)

latt├ęgirl said...

Oooh that meal sounds fab. Love fondue, it's such a relaxed way to eat with friends. I wish I had some fondue. And friends.