22 June 2007

One Long Week

An observation of a different sort, this time - an internal one. This past week has been the busiest and most exhausting that I can recall.

1) I caught a cold - a nasty head cold or sinus infection or some alien goo grew inside my head.
2) Life at work was quite hellish, too - all systems decided to puke at the same time.
3) Because of #1, I managed to only get about 5 hours of sleep in two days.
4) #3 happened during the two days mentioned in #2.
5) My cousin came to town, only for a day, but we still had fun.
6) We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday.
7) I went shopping with the wife so she could get new stuff for her trip to CA.
8) I got up early to take wifey to the airport.
9) My good friend/ex-roomie/neighbor and I hung out.
10) I hung out with co-workers for happy hour.

I know there's something else I missed, but I'm just going to stop there...and my weekend hasn't even started yet! *grin*


N8ey said...

#1 wasn't just alien goo. Full blown alien.

I broke into your house late night last week, cut open your head, and installed the alien. Custom grown in a vat in Antarctica, just for you.

Glad to read you've enjoyed it.


Loki said...

You could've done a better job - apparently it's leaking! =|